Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Earmarks - not the coming of the apocalypse!

With the passage of the Federal omnibus spending bill today, there's been lots of talk about earmarks - almost all of which seem to be portrayed as wasteful pet projects that Members of Congress and Senators sneak in at the last minute to make themselves look good, pay off people who have supported their campaigns, etc.

I was thrilled today when I found out that one of my clients will be getting funding through an earmark. Their funding, in the $200,000 range, will provide much needed mental health counseling to senior citizens in the community who are suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (I don't want to provide too many details, out of respect for the client's privacy). This client is part of a consortium of nonprofits that also got funding for things like mental health counseling for homeless people, senior citizen housing, and programming for young adults with developmental disabilities.

I think that the earmark reforms that President Obama is suggesting are a great idea (click HERE to learn more), but I hope that people out there in cyberland realize that earmarks can provide incredible services to people in communities all across this country!

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