Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Hip-Hop Philanthropy

I'm totally intrigued by celebrity philanthropy. I just got an email about Eminem's (a rapper) philanthropy, his charitable foundation, and his collaboration with Nike to create a limited edition sneaker to be auctioned off for charity. While I'm not a huge Eminem fan (but I AM a huge hip-hop fan), I was happy to see that the organization partnering on this project, ninemillion.org, helps kids in Uganda and Thailand, two countries I've visited which are very close to my heart.

I'm fixated on my entrepeneurial hero, Russell Simmons, otherwise known as the "Godfather of Hip-Hop." Business leader, community activist, philanthropist... and a dedicated yoga practioner to boot! His foundation is Rush Philanthropic. Rapper Ludacris also has a foundation, which sounds terrific. And of course, there are my absolute favorites, the BEASTIE BOYS - major human rights and political activists.

Have anything to add to the hip-hop philanthropy list?

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Give $50 per year - a no excuses guide!

What does $50 per year really mean?

It's 96 cents per week. Yes, that's right, 96 cents.

That's your pocket change at the end of the week.
That's 1/3 of a latte.
That's a can and a half of soda.
That's one Subway sandwich per month.
That's two parking tickets (park legally! make a donation!)
That's five or six pizzas... per YEAR.
That's less than the extra minutes on that really big cell phone bill a few months ago...

Now think about what a $25 donation per year would really cost you...

Why give?

Why should you make a charitable donation? (Other than "because you should..." Hey, I'm not your mother!)

  • Charity events give you an opportunity to socialize, network, and make new connections with likeminded folks
  • You can honor, thank, or remember special people in your life (friends, family, clients, the barrista who puts the extra shot of foam in your latte) with a donation in their honor
  • When you give away some of your money, you will feel richer (trust me on this)
  • Tax benefits (if you itemize - more details at www.irs.gov)
  • Donor benefits are "swag" for the rest of us! (e.g. tickets to special events, discounts on merchandise, fun magazines and publications, etc.)
What other ideas do you have?