Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Focus on What's Working

I am a fan of the Heath Bros. (kinda like the JoBros, but without the skinny jeans and screaming pre-teen fans) Chip and Dan Heath wrote Made to Stick, one of my favorite "work books," which focuses on which message are "sticky" and which ones don't stick with you.

In a recent article in Fast Company Magazine, they talked about one of their theories: don't just focus on what's broken and trying to fix it; look at what's working and try to do more of it. Chip Health recently spoke about this idea at a Council on Foundations meeting, and sighted a great example from the nonprofit community. Read about his talk HERE.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

My new favorite word: Slacktivism

In the May issue of Fast Company, Nancy Lublin turned in another great column, this time on the benefits and pitfalls of "Slacktivism" - thinking you can change the world by just clicking your mouse, sending a text, or posting the color of your bra on your Facebook profile (anyone else remember that one?!). Turns out, Slactivism has done some good, but is it really encouraging ongoing activism and philanthropy? Read Nancy's column HERE.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Twitter Tampon Trend and Nonprofit Fundraising

Finally, a real use for Twitter!

Check out this article from the Chronicle of Philanthropy. When people on Twitter starting making fun of the new iPad, calling it the iTampon, a resourceful nonprofit staffer saw this as an opportunity to bring attention to a project at her organization, GlobalGiving - providing eco-friendly feminine products to girls in Uganda.