Monday, July 07, 2008

I Love GOOD Magazine!

I just picked up an issue of GOOD Magazine - and I'm definitely going to become a subscriber! According to them, "GOOD is for people who give a damn. It's an entertaining magazine about things that matter." I'd describe it as a magazine about social activism and philanthropy. This month's issue included articles on everything from unlikely tourist destinations (Pakistan, Kosovo, and America's five most spectacular natural disasters), to a halfway house for former teen prostitutes, to incredible and underappreciated director Hal Ashby (Harold & Maude, Shampoo, Being There), to some of the world's most infamous secret societies (Skull & Bones, Trilateral Commission, Bohemian Grove). My favorite piece is a hilarious, satirical essay about eco-friendly hotels, "Save the Earth with Dirty Towels," by Dan Heath, the author of one of my favorite non-fiction books, "Made to Stick."

Here's the cool thing about subscribing to GOOD Magazine - 100% of the subscription price goes to charity! They have a bunch of "charity partners" that you can choose from.

Check it out!

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