Monday, July 21, 2008

Economic Silver Lining

In these challenging economic times, with gas prices going through the roof, I'm trying to focus on whatever silver lining I can find. Here's what I've come up with:

  • US manufacturing jobs that used to get sent to places like China are now coming back to the US - even though the labor in China still is cheaper, the costs of shipping the stuff back to the US is so high that it's better for companies to just keep the jobs here.
  • People are carpooling, biking, and using public transportation. Score one for Mama Earth!
  • Businesses like shoe repair shops are experiencing business growth - for example, folks who used to just buy new shoes are now repairing the old ones instead (...coming from the gal who just bought four pairs of shoes on a DSW run. But they were REALLY cheap! And I'm donating two old pairs to charity! It's all good!).
  • It's (finally) been a great summer for the movie industry.
  • I have the ability to buy the stuff I want and need and to continue to donate to causes I care about. That's a blessing.
I know times are REALLY tough for lots of people out there. Can anyone else think of any other silver linings to share?

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kimberly wilson said...

It's a great time to pare down, simplify, embody gratitude for what we do have, and recognize spending habits that could be trimmed. A
perfect opportunity for practicing mindfulness and gratitude!