Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Don't Almost Give

From The Chronicle of Philanthropy (Oct 12, 2006) - "The Ad Council, a New York charity that produces public-service advertisements, has started a campaign to encourage Americans to support good works. Instead of promoting a specific charity or cause, as is the norm with such efforts, the charity says its Generous Nation campaign is designed 'to motivate and inspire Americans to translate their everyday compassion and good intentions into action by giving more often, not just in times of crisis but throughout the year.'"

Check out the campaign's website at www.dontalmostgive.org. I think the best sections are "Tips for Giving Wisely" and "Tips for Volunteering Wisely" in the "Explore Resources" section. What do you think? Will this website, and the TV ads associated with it (you can view the ads on the website) really encourage people to give more? Why DON'T people give?

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