Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Keep. It. Simple.

I was pleased to see this article in The Chronicle of Philanthropy today, highlighting the importance of creating a clean, simple, concise tagline that describes your organization's work:

Can You Sum Up Your Charity's Work in One Simple Tagline?

The article highlights a few good examples:

Amnesty International: Exposing and preventing human-rights abuses
Habitat for Humanity: A world where everybody has a decent place to live
Southern Poverty Law Center: Fighting hate, teaching tolerance, seeking justice
World Wildlife Fund: Protecting the future of nature

This reminds me of an article I saw, and loved, in Nonprofit Quarterly called Mission Haiku: The Poetry of Mission Statements

Both of these articles highlight writing principles that I try to keep in mind:

Keep it simple.
Select words carefully.
Short sentences are powerful.

Do you have other examples of great nonprofit organizations' taglines?

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