Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Entrepreneurs are Givers!

As an entrepreneur, I was thrilled to read about this study in the Chronicle of Philanthropy (released by Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund and Ernst & Young).

According to the study, entrepreneurs give twice as much of their profits to charity as do more-established companies. 70% of survey respondents said they donate their time as well, with more than 50% sitting on nonprofit boards.

Nearly 70% said they started their charitable habits while they were still building their businesses - they didn't wait until their businesses were successful, but rather made giving a habit along the way.

Did you know that this is National Entrepreneurship Week, complete with a Presidential Proclamation? Mere coincidence that this week also includes National Philanthropy Day? I think not!

Looks like there's something about the entrepreneurial spirit and the giving spirit that just goes together!

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