Sunday, November 09, 2008

Reactions to the US elections from foreign friends

After the US election this week, I emailed some of my friends from other countries to get their reactions to the US Presidential election. Here's a sampling of what they had to say:

Jackie (London)

Congratulations! The coverage here in the UK was almost like it was a UK election. People here are just as excited and hopeful that it could happen here. But there's also a sense of about time America got it right and I think everyone would have lost faith in democracy had America got it wrong (again). I don't like getting all romantic about these things but I couldn't help shed a tear when they showed Jessie Jackson and I felt like I was floating to work after seeing the scenes in Washington. Very exciting. You are right, he has a big job, but the significance of the day is so huge. Yay America (never thought I'd be saying that :)

Katie (Toronto)

...We also danced in the street and lit sparklers. We felt extremely proud and hopeful for you guys... and for the rest of us who are so influenced (like it or not) by what happens in the US.

Ija (Oslo)

I think all Norwegians are SO pleased with the election. I've heard no criticism from none of the political parties, just the opposite. It's said that it will be easier to cooperate with the US under Obama. His politics also resemble the one we lead here in Scandanavia to a greater extent than the US regime over the last 8 years. We also think that the US image will increase, Americans will come forward as more "intelligent" (sorry...) and less narrow sighted. I'm so happy for you. You really need this change!

I'll share more reactions when/if they come in...

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