Thursday, January 10, 2008

Clinton Comments on Nonprofits

A group called the Nonprofit Primary Project (run by the New Hampshire Center for Nonprofits) has been trying to get the Presidential candidates who were swarming the state of New Hampshire to talk about the non-profit sector in their public appearances. Here's an excerpt from the January 6, 2008 edition of the Chronicle of Philanthropy, "Nonprofit Leaders Question Presidential Contenders" (by Suzanne Perry):

(Sentator Clinton responded to a question at a campaign rally with a lengthy response...) “The whole nonprofit sector in America not only delivers essential services, but is a huge employer,” she said. “The number is close to 10 percent of people who work for the nonprofit sector.”

Senator Clinton, who began her career at the Children’s Defense Fund, praised what she called the “third leg of the stool” of the American economy (along with business and government). “It is essential that I as president do everything I can to expand the nonprofit sector.”

She promised to work to allow people who don’t itemize their taxes to get deductions for charitable donations, to help nonprofit groups compete for government contracts, and to highlight the work nonprofit groups do — for example, through White House conferences — and said she was looking for other ideas.

Here's hoping that the candidates, and the people attending their rallies, continue to keep the nonprofit sector on their radar screens!

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