Monday, October 15, 2007

Man Found Not Guilty in Homeless-Feeding Trial

I found this in the Chronicle of Philanthropy today:

"A man brought to trial for allegedly violating a city ordinance when he fed a group of homeless people in an Orlando public park has been acquitted, reports the Orlando Sentinel.

Jurors acquitted Eric Montanez of the misdemeanor charge of violating Orlando’s ban on large-group feedings in public parks, a law that some say is meant to keep homeless people away from expensive neighborhoods and tourist areas.

The prosecutor said that Mr. Montanez knew of the law but ignored it. 'This is a young man who wants to prove his point,' city prosecutor Kimberly Laskoff said in her closing arguments. 'He wants to do what he wants, where he wants, and how he wants.'

After the acquittal, Mr. Montanez went directly to 'Ladle-fest,' a three-day event to feed homeless people. He is one of the plaintiffs in a Constitutional challenge to the law filed by the American Civil Liberties Union."

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