Monday, June 11, 2007

Grant Writing Quick Tips

I've created a fabulous new resource for non-profits and the people who love them: Grant Writing Quick Tips. This booklet, available on my web site, distills the most important things you need to know about securing foundation grants into one clear, crisp, succinct guide.

How do I make my proposal stand out from the pack? How do I create a project budget for a proposal? How do I find prospective donors to fund my project? What is donor stewardship, and how can it help me to ensure that my donors keep giving, again and again, to my cause? If any of these questions intrigue you, than Grant Writing Quick Tips is for you.

Please visit Grant Writing Quick Tips to learn more and to purchase this guide online. The initial reviews of the guide have been raves! I've even had a non-profit board member purchase Grant Writing Quick Tips as a gift to the non-profit with which she volunteers - what an inspired purchase!

Happy grant writing...

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